1 day ago

Android 12

While most of my friends, colleagues and clients (some are all 3!) are dedicated iPhone users, I inhabit the shadows of Androidland. Happily, I add, as long as I have a Pixel phone made by Google so my device has the same relationship with its operating system as Apple's devices do with theirs. Android 12 which has just been released, has been described as the most significant release of Android since v5. I am updating my phone at the moment and will post any significant discoveries here.

3 days ago

File sync and share on your infrastructure

Originally posted in 2018: Using NextCloudPi, a preconfigured Raspberry Pi image with NextCloud, I now have a working online file depository using my own infrastructure and equipment. A Raspberry Pi connected to a USB external drive is all the hardware needed, and a download of the NextCloudPi image and a domain host at NoIp.com takes care of the software and domain handling. NCP's set up wizard and a little network port-forwarding tinkering made the whole set up a breeze. Bravo.


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